Friday, August 26, 2011

Ride Me High (J.J.Cale)

Well, this tiddy has eluded me... because chordwise there's nothing happening.

I think it's:
Dm ... for forever... then drops down two frets to C for the instrumental break part. At least live versions appear to be like that.

The bass line drives the songs. Sometimes live it's been just D A D A bassline, but other times with a A C walk-up back to D.

Looks like it was played two frets down here in 2004:



  1. I don't think this is right. When I play Dm along with this song it sounds almost completely off-key

  2. Thanks for the comment. Could be that the version you play with is not the studio version?

    I tried now with, based on that it were D or Dm for most of it, then dropping to G at some point. Take a youtube version and try for yourself with chordify, maybe this will lead you on the right path.

    These guys look to be playing Dm most of the way and G at some point: