Friday, February 12, 2010

"I'd like to love you baby"

This one's mostly just the E chord (I play it on the 7th or the 12th fret). The bass line for this main part is E, E, B / E, E, B, D, E... (where the E is the highest note, seventh fret A string)...

At the end of a verse of lyrics (after I'd like to love you baby and keep my other baby too), there's always the instrumental bridge thingy. The chords go A - E, A - E for that. 

Great solo thingies, yes. No time for  that. The intro plays around with 12th (D) and 14th (E) fret on D-string. Solos from E minor pentatonic.

"One Step"

This one's in G....

In the intro it's bend on the F on the 13th fret on thin E string, followed by the G two frets higher. Then the same 5 frets higher.

I play it about like this:
One step forward and two steps back
[C]It's made out of wood, [G]made out of stone
[C]I'm building that man a [G]fancy home
[C]That's the way it is let me tell you jack
[G]It's a one step forward and [F]two steps [G]back
I hope it's about right! :)