Thursday, July 29, 2010

Does Your Mama Like To Reggae

Not one of my faves, so I'll skim it with a quick note:

Basically stays on G, the reggae scratch guitar is G7.

The bass riff is:
G G G G Bb C
G G G G Bb Bb C

Here's a live cover version of it on youtube:
(there's also a studio version )

(Searching for those, saw this video somebody has recently made for Lakeland's Bad habits )

Everlovin' woman

This is a quick one, hope it's correct:
[B]I've got a woman, I love her, lordy lord
She cooks my breakfast on Sunday, just like my ma
[E]I hang my hat in her house, she don't charge a dime
[B]Love me, trust me, never cuss me, you know she's mine
[F#]I'm talking 'bout, I'm talking 'bout, I'm talking in rhyme
[B]I'm talking 'bout that everlovin' woman of mine
Oh, yeah, I hope I haven't "tabbed" it before... I forget!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

All mama's children

[E7#9]All mama's children got rythm
And all mama's children got [B7]soul
When they [E]get up in the morning
[A]Without no warning
They [E]all start to [B]rock 'n [E]roll

Just give me some [A]more
Of that country [E]soul
One more [A]time
I'm crossing the [B7]line

Hey this isn't the same song,but still sounds like a bunch of fun:
(Carl Perkins tune of the same name)

Friday, July 9, 2010

"No time"

in key of E

Going back and forth between E and A:
[E]No time[A] making my move [E] no time

Then the "clock it turns" bit is
[E]Summer comes and [G]summer gone
[A]When I sing the [E]very same song




where is *E* means playing the E chord (for a while).

The the rhythm extra notes:
it sounds like strumming the chords with  fretting some notes of the E minor pentatonic on top, like


So you like playing chords E, E7, E7#9.


so you like play chords A Asus4


Here's live vid from turn of 90s:

Sunday, July 4, 2010



The main part:
F#m (at 2nd fret, fingerpicked in a sort of a Merle Travis way)

...I do it approximately like this, I play it very loosely, so almost like strumming instead of fingerpicking:

(Travis picking = the three bass strings with thumb, the notes in brackets brushed with thumb)
the xxx means just a muted down strum as an accent.

...there is a move between F# and E notes there...
so I guess you could play it so that you first play the barre F#m, then lift off the barre, to play the open 1st string...
...or something...

break part:
A E G (for example open cowboy chords)
D A E (at fifth - seventh fret, so the E is higher one)