Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Bring down the curtain"

This one goes about like this: 
[E]Bring down the curtain
It's all the show tonight
It's [A]dark outside
Sunday [E]light
[A]Enough is enough
Can't do it no [E]more
[G]Bring down the curtain
[A]Close the door

The intro (and I bet solo too) is in E minor pentatonic, 
starts off something like this:

Saturday, January 9, 2010


OK, this one is kinda elusive for me. A stone groove, it is.

I think the record is slightly above regular tuning. So tune slightly up to play with the record. Or tune the record slightly down. :D

I play this with just two chords, basically: regular E chord ( 022100 ) and a "long" A7 ( x02223 )... and well, an A in between like this x0222x (it's sort of muted as it's just a move towards the A7 from the E).

So it's a bit like:
A7 A7 A7
A7 E

Where the A7s emphasize the high strings and the E after them is just the open top three strings.
And the EEA in the beginning is just on the bottom string, and the A is quickly muted.
The A chord I play barring the second fret with my index, and the A7 is the same but ring finger on 3rd fret of E string.

Here's a slow and imperfect example of what I mean there:

Friday, January 8, 2010

"Mama don't allow"

The old concert opener for JJ. I remember listening the Washboard Sam '30s version as a kid. Also a stable among some dixieland bands, I hear. I think Julie Lee did a rousing version. Just a good jam number, I guess. 

In my previous post with a set list from 1993-94 had this in Bbm (if I read the set list correctly).  But the record and some live versions I checked from 2004 tour had this in Bm.

[Bm]Yeah, Mama don't allow no guitar playing 'round here
Yeah, Mama don't allow no guitar playing 'round [F#]here
[Bm]I don't care what mama don't allow I'll [E]play my guitar anyhow
[Bm]Mama don't allow no [F#]guitar playing 'round [Bm]here

Solo you can play in B minor pentatonic. Didn't tab any of them this time, though.