Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Blues for Mama"

This is one true fave of the Back to Tulsa album. Great solos too!

I think it's in the key of C minor. Or, actually maybe it's C Dorian? Who cares.  :D

The main part is:

The Blues for Mama bit is: [Cm][Cm][Gm][Gm] x2

The rest her soul bit is:



The modulated bridge part at the latter part of the song, starts at around 1m35s, is:



acoustic solo bit 1m54 - 2m07s:

-12'-10-8-10 12'-12'-10-8-10~-10H12-8-(10)------------


The solo after 3min kicks in the same C minor pentatonic kicks off
...approximately like this:


Monday, December 14, 2009

"Thing going on"

(EDIT: I think it's kinda ambiguous, but having tried tabbing the solo, I now think the Db chord for the bridge is minor not major, so Dbm instead)

This one's kinda off pitch. It's a bit flatted from Ab. 
The main progression is a walk up:  
[Abm]Look here [B]we got a thing going [Dbm]on[Ebm]
[Abm]Never fear [B]we got a thing going [Dbm]on[Ebm] 
the bridge is : 
[Dbm]Ain't nothing to it[Abm]Got to get down and do it
[Dbm]I tell you the truth[Ebm]Ain't jivin' you

Intro takes off:
so basically it's all Abm pentatonic... but man it's sweet! 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"You got something"

Finally doing something off the great Troubadour album! 

This one's simply just G to C and back forever...
For the little guitar fills it's a lot of G and F 
(17th and 15th fret on D string., for example), 
...and then some other notes of the G minor pentatonic. least that's how I approach it... too lazy to dig it all out. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Things ain't simple"

This one's for Kent by request, so I hope I am not way off now! :D 
Please DO correct me if I am! :)
It's in Eb. 
Intro is Eb, strumming a boogie shuffle a bit like this:
The main part:
[Eb]It's so [Bb]sad to say
[Ab]Talking about [Eb]yesterday
[Ab]All those [Bb]good times are [Eb]gone[Bb]
The bridge: 
[C][C]We took love [Bb]easy 
[Ab]One day at a [Eb]time

Monday, December 7, 2009


This sweeet track is very simple. 
Just going back and forth between D and A for forever. 
[D]Mona she comes in the [A]morning
[D]She brings me a bottle of [A]wine
The bass track is basically D and A,
with a little a walk up to the note at the end of previous bar:
.D.......A.......D.......A ...etc
The one lead up to D, in brackets, appears less frequently.  

Sunday, December 6, 2009

"I'll kiss the world goodbye"

Above the tools of my trade. ;)
I am not 100% but hear this classic something like this: 
[B]I've been so [A]lone in these [B]prison walls
Good lord, [A]thinking I would [B]die
You've got the [A]time to [B]get me out
I'll kiss this [A]world good[B]bye
[E]The rain keep [F#]falling and [B]I feel [A]fallin
[B]Lord, I [A]think I'm gonna [B]die
solo (basically B mixolydian):


Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Ridin' home"

Finally really getting to the great early stuff here!

[F]I'm sittin' on this train and I'm ridin' home, ridin' home
I'm sittin' on this train and I'm ridin' home, [C]ridin' home
[F]I've got my bag and I'm ready to go
[Bb]I wish this train didn't move so slow
[F]I'm sittin' on this train and I'm [C]ridin' home, [F]ridin' home

Friday, December 4, 2009

"fate of a fool"

This is yet another Dm-C thang!

[Dm]Spending my life in a cold hard bar room
Drinking that [C]long black whisky [Dm]down

The constant bass is just the basic root-fifth thing:
E:---5- for Dm chord

E:---3- for C chord






"Nowhere to run"

This one is off the great "In session" DVD (it's in the same key on the record too):

[G]Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
No way to relieve this feeling in[D]side
Lord, you done gimme them [G]blues and then you took a ride[C]
[C]Left me with [G]nowhere to run [D]nowhere to hide [G][F] [C][G]

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Deep dark dungeon"

This is a simple 8-bar blues in E:
(I play like the open chords, except 12 frets up)

Intro in E minor pentatonic (1st box here) has the the repeating figure over the progession:
B:-15'----15'----- the turnaround before he starts to sing:

...and the end of the outro goes like this:

Here I am naturally only tabbing the intro/outro guitar that is easier to hear. There are a couple of overlapping solo guitar tracks on there...