Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My gal

I was watching the "To tulsa and back" DVD and realized he played this little tune acoustically.

Looking visually at what he plays, it was basically:
open E chord all the way except
B, A as a quick turnaround.

Don't even have the original here to listen, nor my guitar in my hands to check, so I'll just accept it is like that and the same on record too. :D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super blue

Super blue... another Grrrrrrrreat mood setter here!

Here's cover with a cello!

The chords are:
G , C, G, C... for the main part
and then Eb, D, G for the "got yourself another man" part

The intro lick is approximately like this:


If You're Ever In Oklahoma

This fun little country blues number goes like this for the main part:
A, C, D, A

To mimic the country V-I feel of the bass, you can play it like this for example (playing bass strings with thumb while muting them palm of the picking hand):

...and then D, A for this part:

And they don't [D]care about Dallas, [A]Texas
And they don't [D]care about Wichi[A]ta

Here's a great youtube cover of this song: