Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bringing it back from mexico

I've so far not touched the songs that have been in the two Cale songbooks. But this one I have seen the songbook version, but I don't play it the same, I think. Plus I tabbed out how I hear the bass part.

So here it goes, the main part goes like this:
[E]Thirty days has September[E][A][Asus4] [A] [E]

Where the latter part of it chord stab by chord stab:
[E][A][Asus4]    [Asus4][Asus4][A] [E] [A]
where the last A might be optional, but fits nicely.

The bridge is:

Bass line is something like this:
E.... G A (G) , E.... D A
...which is same as this: 
Bridge is:
E G D A... D B A... G D 
equating to this as tab: